Juan Million Tacos!
After 19 years of taco making, John Witt orders the 1,000,000th taco
at Los Gringos Locos on March 26, 2015.


Watch the fun as the whole restaurant celebrates
the presentation of the Juan Millionth Taco.

Thank you to all the customers who made the event a huge success.

la canada guacamole avocado guacomole tacos burrito
Come visit us and enjoy some of our World Famous Guacamole

A New Bar
Late Night Menu
Weekend Brunch
Dedicated Take out Window
New Patio

At Los Gringos Locos we strive to provide a great tasting meal
at a great value in an atmosphere that is fun and entertaining. 
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Fresh, fresh, fresh.  That's what we say every morning as we make our salsas, rice, frijoles and everything else we serve.  We discovered a long time ago the secret formula.  We'll tell you if you promise to be nice.  The formula is fresh=tasty.  It's that's simple.  Our food is tasty because its fresh. 

Margarita Mondays - “Awesome Margaritas Cheap”
The perfect way to start the week.  Bring the family, talk over the guac and enjoy the beginning of a new week with new possibilities and a new week to enjoy.  Order some margaritas and save a bunch of money.

Taco Tuesday @ Los Gringos Locos
So cheap,like finding a taco in the street, your pocket or in the cushions of your couch. Invite your friends over on Sunday to hang out and get your Tuesday meal paid for.  It’s like we say “It’s like finding a taco in the cushions of your couch.”  Try crispy (We love these) or our soft shell, either way, save a ton of dough and help us save the world one taco at a time.

Los Gringos Locos Presents.....Big Bertha The Giant Burrito
mexican food la catering  la canada la crescenta flintridge - wedding  - bertha - Do you think that you can do it?  Good luck.  Many have tried, few have finished.  It is only upon the proven principles of Bertha Eating that one can finish:  eat no chips, eat with a purpose and divide and conquer.  Finish it?  You will be immortalized on the Bertha Wall of Fame and remembered forever.
mexican food catering los angeles - la canada la crescenta flintridge - cactusThe Family Fiesta
It’s a meal for at least 4 for under $20!!
The fridge is empty, cupboards bare, kids are coming home in 10 minutes.  They’ll be hungry.  What to do?  CALL LOS GRINGOS (818-790-2696) and order the Family Fiesta.  Is the fridge full but nothing looks good? The cupboards are STACKED, but you just don’t want to cook or clean up.    CALL LOS GRINGOS and order the Family Fiesta.  It’s a meal for at least 4 for under $20!!!
World Famous Tableside Guacamole 
It’s the thing dreams are made of.  Fresh ingredients, an expert and a good rhythm.  We are known for our guac and it’s a shame if you don’t order one with dinner.  It’s the perfect way to start a meal.  As we say, Take the Time to Guac with your family.  It’ll do your family good.

Gringo Rewards: Free Food Fast
That’s the bottome line.  Sign up, eat, then eat for free.  No cards to carry (unless you want to.)  We’ll send you a cool brirthday present too.

la crescenta canada los angeles catering catererPick Up Your Food Here
Tacos, Enchiladas, Mexican rice, frijoles - you name it we can do it.  If you really wanted, we could do it in a box or with a fox.  AND, Free chips and salsa with your order!  So simple - one call to our catering hotline (818 248-5910) and then the food will be ready.  Well, its almost like that.  The cooks make the food first.  But the you got the basics - one call, one stop and happy eating.  

We’ll Bring it To you
No time to pick it up?  No problem, just order enough and we'll bring it to you.  The food will be hot, fresh and ready to go.  We'll bring it in our special pans that you can keep so there is nothing to return.  No lost tupperware lids in your drawers and cranky friends asking for their lid back.  

los angeles wedding mexican catering food la eaglerock flintridge la cresenta la canadaThe World Famous Taco Cart
Bottom line?  TOTALLY AWESOME. TOTALLY EASY. In fact, we call it "the easiest way to throw a party."  It works something like this:  One call to 818-248-5910, go watch some TV, hit the sack and on party day wake up and go to a movie and come home to an all inclusive, all-you-can-eat party where all the work is done for you.  The hardest thing you will have to do is say "thank you" Over and over for such a great party.

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