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“We came, we drank, we ate, we had fun. 
Thanks for letting us leave the world outside, if only for two hours. 
Viva Los Gringos!” Jeff Welsh

This reward program is totally cool and it is way better than those air miles you have…when you use those air miles, you have to eat airplane food.  Yuck!!  With our program you get to eat our food! Awesome! Amazing!  When was the last time your stewardess broke out the guac cart and made you some fresh guacamole?  Maybe you have another program and you can get a frying pan or something – then YOU have to cook.  That is BOGUS.  Our Rewards plan make sure you never cook when you get your reward.

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Sign up, buy some food, earn points
quickly, eat for free.

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What is it?
A customer reward program that gives you points for free food every time you come to visit Los Gringos Locos.

Does it cost anything?
The membership is temporarily free but because of the great deals and offers, we will charge for it later on.  So join today, before it costs.

catering mexican food la canada la crescenta 2 Why should I join?
Every dollar spent will earn you free food fast.  In just a couple of visits you could eat for free.  In addition to the points, you will receive special money-saving offers in the mail, member-only menu items, discounts and an increased value birthday gift – normally $10, but $15 for members. 
How does it work?
You receive 1 point for every dollar spent at Los Gringos Locos or catering.  Special offers at different times and days can earn you up to 4 points per dollar spent.  $10 award certificates are given after every 200 points earned.
 How do I get my rewards?
Awards are automatically placed on your card and are just like cash.  An award reminder will be mailed to you when it has been earned.

 How do I join?
Complete the application form.  The form can be completed after the current visit’s purchase.  Turn your application in to the server or host.  A card will be mailed to you, so it is important the application is correct and complete.  Cards are mailed every Tuesday. 

Enter Your Email Address to get started:

 catering mexican food la canada la crescentaHow do I use my card?
Every time you make a purchase at Los Gringos Locos, let your server or cashier know.  They will either swipe your card or look up your membership and apply the purchase to your account.
Do I have to carry a card with me?
No.  First and last names or a phone number can be used to assign your purchases to your account.
Gringo Rewards is designed for the loyal customer. We think that your loyalty should be rewarded - don’t you?

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