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The Los Gringos Locos Taco Cart
The easiest way to throw a party. Period.

One day in college, about lunch time, I was cleaning between the cushions of my couch and I discovered a bunch of change between the cushions.  I’m sure it was from my roommates because I didn’t have any money.  I was hungry and had only this change but could not find any restaurant where I could buy something to eat for this meager sum.
On that day, I decided if I ever owned a restaurant I would be sure to have some items that could be had for right around $1.  So, Taco Tuesday was born.  The chains soon followed with their dollar menus, but that is another story.

Why come for Taco Tuesday?

Because they are yum, yum, yum.

And all the birds know the secret.
You should come to Taco Tuesday because the tacos are...

We have sold over 500,000 tacos and we are on our way to a million, check out the video….

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