Sounds of a Perfect Monday Night
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“The margaritas are large and potent...
be careful with those, they sneak up on you.”
Carrie D

Margaritas!! Best in So Cal. 
Kim. M. Camarillo

The best Margarita in LA. 
Kevin and Naomi, South Pas


Many have asked us how we could have come up with such an amazing margarita.  It’s a long story and you probably wouldn’t believe it anyway.  But it involves a trip to Mexico, the local cops, a flat tire and an inscription carved into a wall. Get the picture? That pretty much says it all.  The rest is history.

The margaritas kick butt.Ted S., Eagle Rock

Fresh citrus, good triple sec and tequila.  Simple ingredients, but when combined in the right proportions and served correctly it can elicit an amazing response. 

Seriously...... the margaritas are awesome.

Melanie V., Long Beach CA.

Mondays are the perfect time to spend some time with the family and sip on one of Los Gringos Locos famous margaritas.  Our friend N. Caverly said it best, “I love the guacamole and my parents love the margaritas.”  Some have said that it is the perfect family night.  Good company, good conversation and great margaritas.

The margaritas are out of the world and the Guacamole is to die for.
Jim D. from Sunland CA.

There are many things we are famous for but one of the most common complements we receive is about our margaritas.  Sue W., who lives up the street tells us “I love the margaritas.  Sometimes I start thinking about my weekend margarita on Tuesday.”  We know what you mean Sue.  We think about our margaritas all the time.  In fact, we think about it every day when we order the freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice.  We think about it as we mix our special mix from these fresh juices and as we pour them.

“My favorite moment was bringing my mother, grandmother, and
great grandmother here and seeing them all get high on your delicious margaritas!”
John Sutticc
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