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The biggest, baddest, meanest burrito this side of the border.  I have it on good authority that it is the biggest, baddest, meanest burrito on the OTHER side of the border too. 

The recipe is a HUGE secret, but as a Los Gringos Locos web site viewer, I will divulge the secret: Ready?  Tons of everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Wrap it up, cover with sauce and cheese and serve.
Truly, that is the recipe.  I might have oversimplified it a bit, because the “everything” part is actually a bit more complicated.  The frijoles we use are some of the finest, hand-picked, individually mashed beans money can buy.
Why Eat Bertha?
You will forever retain bragging rights that you have completed the Bertha.  Very few can say this.  More people climb Everest than eat the Bertha every year. You will be immortalized on our Bertha wall for the rest of the year.  Most people won’t believe you when you tell them you have eaten the Bertha, but the picture hanging on the wall in the restaurant is indisputable proof.

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 Not everyone is able to order the bertha.  There are minimum age, weight and hair length requirements.   

What Kind of Person is Ready for Bertha?

Strong – must be able to lift the plate to move it for perfect eating placementla crescenta mexican catering la canada
Clean – your plate must be clean at the end.  Does this mean licking it clean?  No, but many have done this.  We’re pretty sure their rooms at home are really clean too.
Trustworthy – the officials do not sit and watch the consumption of every single bite, but if we catch you with wads of burrito in your pockets, we won’t take your picture
Daring – how many people have eaten the Bertha on a ridiculous dare from a flippant friend?  Probably way too many, but the eaters are memorialized forever while the friend wilts away in history.
Skillful – like, numb chuck skills, computer hacking skills
Undaunted – many have ordered, many have given up after seeing Bertha
Jobless – this takes some time to eat. 
Tips for the Bertha Burrito Challenge
Over the years we have seen thousands of people try and fail to complete their Bertha assignment.  Despite their best efforts, a majority of the people fail.  Here are some helpful tips for successful completion:

* Come the day after Thanksgiving.  Your stomach is all stretched out.
* DON’T EAT ANY CHIPS.  How many times have we seen unwitting self sabotage through chip consumption?
* Block out 6 hours and bring a book.

Are you up for the challenge or will you be DEFEATED?

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