Is the economy crushing your ability to take your family out for good times and delightful moments? Did you know that $20 will feed a family of four – no problem and with some to spare.  8 tacos or enchiladas, Mexican rice, Frijoles and chips and salsa make the Family Fiesta the perfect solution to your dinner woes. 


How many times this week have you come home to find your child beside an empty refrigerator on the floor in the fetal position? In between the writhing and the tears they start to ask, “What’s for dinner? There is nothing to eat.”

Your heart sinks, you have to ask yourself, “Am I a bad parent?” “Legally how long can they stay on the floor before I am considered a bad parent?” Well put all of those worries aside and let Los Gringos Locos save the day.....

Pick up a Family Fiesta from Los Gringos Locos....

What are the benefits of the Family Fiesta?
Its not pizza
No Dishes
It is only $20
There is plenty of Food
Its easy to accomplish...
It will bring your family closer together
Stops that “rumble, rumble” of an empty stomach(at least until the next meal)
The neighbors will be jealous of your stress free lifestyle

How does it work?

1. You dial this number: 818-790-2696
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2. Talk to one of the staff and tell them of your Family Fiesta needs.

3. Drive and pick up your Family Fiesta ( Feel free to daydream happy thoughts on the way).

4. Bring it home and portion equally to your family members.

5. Eat the provided plethora of delectable dishes.

6. Admire your budgeting skills and ability to get your family through a hunger crisis.

7. Keep your gloating to a minimum so that they neighbors don’t get too jealous.

Family Fiesta is kind of like Superman, except its food.  Actually, it might be better than Superman - The Family Fiesta laughs in the face of kryptonite.

Dial Now - Don’t Delay
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