I love Los Gringos guacamole. It is quite delicious! Fantabulous!
Emma Davis

Our Guacamole includes just some simple ingredients – avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapeno, lime and the Los Gringos Locos proprietary seasoning blend. It is combined in such a way that will make your eyes sparkle. Our guacamole is “The Freshest, Finest, Tastiest Guacamole Period....”

At our Guacamole Master Training Facility located somewhere in the Baja (I’d tell you where it was, but I it is kind of the Colonel - Shh it’s a secret…) our trainees go through a combination of Portion Control Training, Gymnastics, Rhythmic Dance, Taste Bud Titillation Training and Charm School. Only Master Graduates with Platinum Certification are allowed to prepare the Los Grinos Locos Guacamole. So when we prepare it for you it will be the Finest Guacamole Experience you have ever had.

The service is amazing...really, we go
there so often our food just appears on our table.

The table side guacamole is truly magical.
It's like I have died and gone to guacamole heaven...yummmmm
Carrie D - Valencia, CA

This was the first place that i had ever seen make the guacamole right in front of you....and damn it..its outstanding!
Scott M Marietta Georgia



Now you can do it yourself at home!

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